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About Mason Money

A fast, safe, and convenient way to make purchases with your Mason ID

Mason Money is a prepaid declining balance account connected to Mason ID or Mason Money Card. There is no overdraft or fees for maintaining the account, and unused Mason Money will be refunded to users as they depart from Mason.

For Students/Faculty & Staff/Affiliates
Users can make cashless purchases on and off campuses, set up guest accounts, track spending, set low-balance alerts, and request funds from family and friends.

For Parents/Guardians
Enabling Mason Money on students’ Mason IDs reduces the need to carry cash, debit cards, or credit cards on campus. Guest accounts are available to receive low-balance alerts and deposit Mason Money.

Cashless Purchases

Tap Mason ID on the readers at the checkout

Use On & Off Campus

Convenient transactions on campus, at grocery stores, and on delivery apps

Easy to Manage

Manage Mason ID, Mason Money, and meal plans all in one location

Rollover until Graduation

Mason Money rolls over each semester until departing from Mason

How to Deposit

  • Visit the Online Mason Card Office.
  • Select “Add Mason Money Here” in the sub-navigation panel.
  • Accept the Mason Money Agreement.
  • Log in with your Mason NetID.
  • Select a desired amount to deposit ($5 minimum).
  • Enter debit or credit card information. Visa and MasterCard accepted.
  • Download the Atrium Campus Connect app for iPhone or Android devices.
  • Log in with your Mason NetID.
  • Select “Add Funds” in the menu.
  • Accept the Mason Money Agreement.
  • Select a desired amount to deposit ($5 minimum).
  • Enter debit or credit card information. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Visit Mason Card Office on the Fairfax Campus, located in Sub 1, Room 1203, during business hours.

Check, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted.

To request money from family and friends:

  • Visit the Online Mason Card Office.
  • Log in with your Mason NetID.
  • Under “Personalize,” select “Request Money” in the sub-navigation panel.
  • Enter the guest’s email address.
  • Once completed, an email will be sent to the guest’s email with a link to make a deposit online (G Number required, contact the student before making deposits).

Students may create up to 10 guest accounts and grant additional access settings.

  • Visit the Online Mason Card Office.
  • Log in with your Mason NetID
  • Under “Personalize,” select “Grant Additional Access” in the sub-navigation panel.
  • Click “Add” and enter the guest account email address.
  • Select access options for the guest account. Check “Request Money” to allow guests to deposit Mason Money.
  • Once completed, an email with a temporary password will be sent to the guest’s email. Please update the password immediately.

G Number—Guests must enter the student’s G Number to deposit to a student account. Federal privacy laws restrict Mason Card Office staff and university officials from giving out G Numbers. Contact the student before making deposits.

Sample Semester Budget

Check below for the most common expenses from our students. Mason Money carries over to the next semester and from year to year as long as the cardholder maintains an active student or active employee relationship with the university.

ItemSuggested Amount
School Supplies$75
Print & Copy$50
Personal Care$100

Mason Merchants

Mason Merchants are local businesses that accept Mason Money for purchases and services. The list of Mason Merchants is constantly growing, giving more options to eat and shop in the community! View the Mason Merchants below, or look for stores that display the Mason Money sign.

Note: Mason Money cannot be used to purchase prohibited items. A not-inclusive list of prohibited items include piercing, tobacco products, lottery or gambling tickets, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, or gift certificates that can be redeemed for cash.

Free Grubhub+ Mason Membership

Mason students, faculty, and staff receive unlimited $0 delivery fees on orders $18+ from GH+ merchants. Order with Mason Money, and you can access endless food options nationwide!

Free Grubhub+ Delivery for Mason Students, Faculty & Staff


10350 Willard Way, Fairfax, VA 22030 9525 Braddock Road, Fairfax, VA 22030


Become a Mason Merchant

Partner with Mason and let us help you with business in the Mason community!

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All current Mason students, faculty, staff, and affiliates can deposit Mason Money to their Mason ID.

Campus facilities open for public services, such as libraries, dining halls, restaurants, print services, etc., also accept debit/credit cards.

Mason alumni, friends and family, and community members may apply for a Mason Money Patron Card to use Mason Money. Contact the Mason Card Office for details.

Mason Money offers a convenient way to make transactions. It reduces the need for Mason members to carry credit/debit cards on campus.

There is no overdraft or fees to maintain a Mason Money account.

Please check the Sample Semester Budget for the most common expenses. Deposit amounts vary from person to person. Please adjust to meet your needs.

Mason Money carries over to the next semester and from year to year as long as the cardholder maintains an active student or employee relationship with the university. Any unused Mason Money can be refunded to the cardholder when departing from the university.

Should you have problems with a vending machine not dispensing or not returning your money, please submit a refund or problem request to the appropriate vendors listed below.

If you are on the SciTech, Mason Square, or Front Royal campus, you may identify the office there to assist you based on the Mason Vending sticker on the vending machines.

Coca-Cola (Beverages)
(703) 993-2840
Submit Form

Canteen (Snacks)
(703) 993-2840
Submit Form

Wellfound Foods (Packaged Food)
(202) 818-8686 (text only)

If your card is lost or stolen, deactivate your Mason ID to prevent any unauthorized usage of Mason Money and meal plans:

  • Log into the Online Mason Card Office and select “Lost/Stolen Card.”
  • If unauthorized transactions have been made, contact Mason Card Office at (703) 993-1004 or If after business hours, leave a voice mail requesting that your Mason ID be deactivated, clearly stating your name, G Number, and contact information.

Please note:

  • Cardholder will not be held responsible for any unauthorized/fraudulent transactions after the time the card is properly reported as lost or stolen.
  • If cardholder notifies the Mason Card Office of a lost/stolen card within two business days, the cardholder will be responsible for no more than $50 of unauthorized/fraudulent charges that occur before notice to the University.
  • If the cardholder does not notify Mason Card Office within two business days of learning of the lost/stolen card and the Mason Card Office can prove notification would have stopped the misuse of the card, the cardholder may lose as much as $500 from the account for unauthorized/fraudulent charges.

Early withdrawals are allowed under extenuating circumstances. A service charge of $25 may apply for refund requests.

If the students or employees departing from the university (graduation, withdrawal, or leaving employment) would like to receive a refund, please email the Mason Card Office with their G Number and mailing address. A service charge of $25 will be assessed for refund requests.

A one-year grace period is allowed once the cardholder’s relationship with the University has been terminated to request a refund. Failure to request a refund will result in account closure and a $25 service charge. Any remaining balance after the service charge is applied will be submitted to the students account. If there is a zero balance on the student’s account then the remaining funds will be submitted to the Commonwealth of Virginia as unclaimed property.